Weekly Photo Challenge: Textures

Sea shells in Long Beach, NY. Photo by Alyson Goodman.

No trip to the beach to me is complete without coming home with at least one sea shell. Usually in my case, it is at least 15 or more to add to my ever growing collection. When you find ones that are not broken, it is so hard not to bring them all home.

With the weekly photo challenge being textures, I wanted to share a photo from an impromptu photo shoot at the beach I had to have with some sea shells I collected. With the placement of the sand on the black sea shell, I couldn’t resist snapping some photos as soon as I collected the shells. There is such a mix of textures in the photo, you have the smoothness from some of the shells, some have some raised bumps and lines, plus the sand on it’s own is rough, but when it is in a group it is smooth.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Satisfaction

Dahlia at Eisenhower Park in East Meadow, NY. Photo by Alyson Goodman.

In my travels over the years capturing nature with my camera, I would often get shots of a bee, lady bug or ant on a flower, but a butterfly was something I was never lucky enough to capture. It wasn’t until one day on my many trips to Eisenhower Park that I was finally able to photograph a butterfly on a dahlia. As quick as it landed it was gone and I was able to get three shots in before it left, but the satisfaction I got felt monumental and I was able to cross the item off my photography bucket list. Since capturing this butterfly, I have had two more encounters and I cherish each one I get.

Web Finds

Courtesy elledecor.com

Ina Garten’s East Hampton Garden: Talk about serious garden envy, every part of Ina Garten’s East Hampton garden is breathtaking! When Ina and her husband Jeffery purchased the field that now houses their home and barn that acts as Ina’s office and test kitchen where she films her television show, the garden was priority number one. Who wouldn’t want to relax in that garden? The bench above looks so inviting!

Betseyvilla by Betsey Johnson: Planning a trip to Mexico? You can stay in Betseyvilla, a boutique colorful vacation home designed by Betsey Johnson available on Airbnb. The home has four bedrooms, six bathrooms, pool, access to a private beach and some incredible views.

BBC’s Book Challenge: A new list floating around claims that out of the 100 books listed, people on average have only read 6 on the list. The list includes so much classic literature as well as some newer books. Sadly, I’ve only read 7 on the list.

18 Must-See Spots in the Meatpacking District: My favorite spot in New York City is the Meatpacking District. A bunch of my go-to spots are there from The High Line, Chelsea Market, my favorite Dos Caminos location and and a short walk to the West Village. If you are looking to check out the Meatpacking District, NYCGO has put together 18 spots not to miss.

Straight from the Farm

Where I work is a CSA pick-up location for a farm in Riverhead and every week the produce and flowers for the week are dropped off. In order to get to my desk, I have to pass by where they store everything so I always love to take a peek and see what people are getting.

Photo by Alyson Goodman

Sunflowers have been the flower takeaway for the past two weeks and I’m rather jealous of everyone who signed up that they get to take these beauties home!

Photo by Alyson Goodman

The blueberries and Rainier cherries — which are my favorite variety — also looked so good that I may be tempted to sign up for the CSA next year!

Photo by Alyson Goodman

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

One of my favorite photos that I took in Israel, honestly could have been taken anywhere. While walking through the streets of Tel Aviv, I stumbled upon this old Volkswagen Beetle covered in fruit with a mannequin sticking out of the roof. The car was an advertisement for the fruit stand it was parked in front of but it was just so unusual looking sitting out in the street among all the other cars that I stopped, looked, had a laugh and then of course had to snap a photo!