Web Find: Brit + Co

I love DIY projects. It started when I was 10 and learned how to make string jewelry at summer camp and over the many years since, my do it yourself love has evolved. If I can’t find the perfect necklace or bracelet at a store, I head over to Michael, buy some beads and make it myself. I saw some photos of rainbow cupcakes on We Heart It, I decided to try them out (side note, so easy to make with white cake mix and food coloring).

Browsing through the new iPhone apps released a few weeks ago I discovered Brit + Co. Before discovering the app, I didn’t even know that Brit + Co was a website that offered news and DIY projects for jewelry, clothes, living, food, tech and more. It has quickly become my new favorite website.

The DIY projects posted on the website are easy. I can cook, but when it comes to baking, we don’t get along that well unless I can just make it from a box mix. On the website they had recipes for apple pies in apples. They looked so cute, I had to give them a try except I didn’t add the cheese like the recipe called for.


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