Instagram: Who I Follow

Out of the social media platforms I use — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest — my favorite one is Instagram. Full disclosure, as a marketing project manager I use social media a lot for my job with multiple post daily on a few different platforms, but when it comes to personal use, I am mostly a follower and not a poster aside from Instagram. As a photographer, I love to showcase my photography on there and share it not only with friends but people who would never be able to see it otherwise. A good majority of the people I follow list is made up of creative designers that I love to be inspired by. I’m starting off a new series on who I follow to showcase some of my favorite Instagram accounts. Feel free to share some of your favorite Instagram accounts in the comments.

@smcmennamy: Stephen McMennamy, an art director from Atlanta, combines two photographs to look like one in his combo photo project. You can view the outtakes of his creations @combophotofail.

@groehrs: Gretchen Roehrs, a creative director and fashion designer combines her love of fashion and food into one creating “clothing” out of fruits, vegetables, bread and more.

@riflepaperco: I love stationery and Rifle Paper Co. is one of my favorites. Their designs are beautiful from paper, notebooks, calendars, phone cases, wall hangings and more. You can purchase their products at Rifle Paper Co. but many other retailers carry their products, including one of my favorites Paper Source.


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