Wanderlust: Madonna Inn

If I travel to California again, the first place I want to go to is San Luis Obispo so I can stay at the Madonna Inn. The landmark hotel, located on the 101 highway, opened in 1958 and features more than 100 unique rooms.

The Carin Room

All of the rooms at the Madonna Inn are themed and no two are alike. From glitter pink walls in the Carin room to rock floors, walls and ceilings in the Daisy Mae room, it is hard to pick only one room you would want to stay in.

Aside from rooms you won’t find anywhere else, the decor all over the Madonna Inn is unique. Where else can you find a pink tennis court? Or dine in a steakhouse where all of the seats and tables are pink? The pink floral carpet that is featured throughout the Madonna Inn, I wish you could buy!

For more information on the Madonna Inn, visit madonnainn.com.

Photos courtesy Madonna Inn


2 Comments Add yours

  1. We stayed there back in 1999, in the highway room. Love how all the rooms are unique!

  2. katiemayor says:

    Looks cool and I so want to go back to Cali!

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