Sunflower Fields Forever

Sunflowers are my absolute favorite flower, so two weeks ago when I headed out to the North Fork of Long Island to find as many sunflower spots as I could, it was quite possibly the best road trip I’ve ever taken! The sunflowers bloomed earlier this year than in the past, probably thanks to all…

Chasing Sunflowers

Every summer, towards the end of August, my Instagram feed is filled with photos of sunflower fields in the North Fork of Long Island. And every time I would see the photos, I would always say, next year I’m going to go out there and take pictures. Back in July, when the summer was already…

TBT: Pretty in Pink

Back in the spring, while wandering around Clark Botanic Garden, I discovered an array of different varieties on pink rhododendrons blooming. With pink being one of my favorite colors, I couldn’t resist snapping a good number of photographs of the flowers!

Beach Mornings

When I need to clear my head, the first place I think to go to is the ocean. I’m definitely lucky in that I grew up a few blocks away from the beach so I have the luxury of being near the ocean within a few minutes. While taking an early morning walk on the…

Tulip Tuesday

By now the tulips have faded from the gardens, but I couldn’t resist sharing this photo I took two weeks ago of the last remaining tulips still going strong. Can’t wait for the tulips to return next spring!

Seashell TBT

With this weekend being the unofficial start of summer, I’m throwing it back to some of my favorite seashell photographs!