Summer Days

I grew up in a beach town, I had the luxury of living three blocks from the beach, so within a matter of minutes my toes could be in the sand. And yet, I used to say that I hated the beach. I love to swim and pools are always better for that then the…

Beach Mornings

When I need to clear my head, the first place I think to go to is the ocean. I’m definitely lucky in that I grew up a few blocks away from the beach so I have the luxury of being near the ocean within a few minutes. While taking an early morning walk on the…

Seashell TBT

With this weekend being the unofficial start of summer, I’m throwing it back to some of my favorite seashell photographs!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rise/Set

Sometimes, you just happen to be at the right place at the right time. That happened when I captured this magical sunset in the summer in my hometown. It isn’t often the sunset makes the sky look like cotton candy and I was so glad I got to witness and capture it. Wishing you a…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silence

Cold weather means a quiet and empty beach, one of my favorite things. It is the perfect place to reflect when the only thing making noise is the crashing waves. In response to silence, the theme for the weekly photo challenge.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! For the past few years, I have been sharing my resolutions on here thinking it would help me stick to them. Like most resolutions, I have failed at completing the majority of them, but some have stuck. In keeping with tradition, I wanted to share what I’m hoping to accomplish in 2018….