Wednesday Wisdom

This is one of my favorite quotes from Audrey Hepburn. It can be applied to so many things, but as the weather in New York quickly gets colder and the flowers in the outdoor gardens no longer blooming, I thought it was rather fitting as we header further into autumn.

Web Finds

Ina Garten’s East Hampton Garden: Talk about serious garden envy, every part of Ina Garten’s East Hampton garden is breathtaking! When Ina and her husband Jeffery purchased the field that now houses their home and barn that acts as Ina’s office and test kitchen where she films her television show, the garden was priority number…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Atop

When I travel to Israel again, one place at the top of my list to visit is the Baha’i Gardens in Haifa. When I was in Haifa, I was only able to see the gardens from the road above, time unfortunately did not allow for exploring. But the road atop not only provided a gorgeous…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat

Spotted these two Canadian geese just hanging out in the pond this morning on my visit to Old Westbury Gardens. Since the theme for this week’s photo challenge is afloat, I thought this was a good fit to the theme.

Autumn days

The temperature might be dropping, the dreaded polar vortex saying is being uttered again, but I’m holding on to every little bit of autumn while I still can. Today felt like a spring-like day so I spent my lunch break taking in as much nature as I could at the Nassau County Museum of Art.

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens: Part II

Outside of the Cranford Rose Garden at Brooklyn Botanic Gardens is the Rose Arc Pool. The half circular area consists of a small pool with a small fountain, metal arches that look picture perfect surrounded by different varieties of flowers and of courses roses. My photos of the Cranford Rose Garden at the Brooklyn Botanic…