Board walking

Now that the weather is finally getting warmer and the boardwalk is complete, perfect spring days need to be spent walking the boards. Though the three blocks of cement mixed in with the wood I’m still trying to get use to. I know it was done to be more hurricane proof for the area but…

A look back

With the end of 2013 almost here I wanted to wrap the year up with a look back at some of my favorite photos I took over the year. Some of them I’ve posted on here before throughout the year. I’m going to do my best at posting them in the order they were taken….

One year later

This past Tuesday marked the one year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy. Even though a year has passed since Sandy struck and destroyed my hometown of Long Beach, NY, it still feels like it hit yesterday. The memories of what happened the day Sandy hit and the weeks that followed are something I will never forget….

Boardwalk remains

The new normal in Long Beach, NY is a beach without the famous boardwalk thanks to Hurricane Sandy destroying the two and a quarter boardwalk. Construction on a new and stronger boardwalk is set to begin soon, but it will be strange when beach season kicks off on Memorial Day weekend and there won’t be…

It all falls down

The Long Beach boardwalk, a landmark in my hometown is starting to come down. Thanks to the wrath of Hurricane Sandy, the two and quarter mile boardwalk that was first built in 1914 with elephants carrying the wood, was destroyed. There are parts where the wood just blew away, the wood ramps that lead to…

Goodbye 2012

I can honestly say I am happy that 2012 is officially over, since 2012 was a rather rough year. I thought about doing an overall year in pictures review, but I knew that the majority of it would be taken up by photos I took during the recovery of Hurricane Sandy in Long Beach, NY….