Light up the sky

The other night the town I grew up in put on a fireworks show to kick-off Labor Day weekend since weather and ocean currents prevented the show from happening around July 4th. Normally I head down to the beach to watch the fireworks but since the show kept getting postponed I wasn’t in to doing…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

The perks of waking up early are getting to capture sunrises like this. With the theme for the weekly photo challenge being morning, I couldn’t resist sharing these photos of a recent majestic sunrise.

Up in the clouds

I’ve been on a mini vacation from work this week and have spent some time at the beach, and the sky and clouds have definitely not been a disappoint. Last night’s sunset was magical, the sky looked like cotton candy, it was absolute perfection.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

The theme for this week’s photo challenge is orange. This sunrise from a few weeks ago, was too spectacular not to capture. One thing about winter, it might be freezing cold but it offers some incredibly picturesque sunrises and sunsets.

Photo roundup

I’ve been putting my camera and phone camera through a lot of use over the past few weeks so I wanted to share some photos that I felt didn’t warrant their own specific post. Some of these photos have also showed up on my Instagram feed.